The XIS alumni–former students and faculty–connect the past, present, and future of XIS. In efforts to bring together and connect with XIS alumni, we are excited to announce the launching of the new XIS Alumni Association.

XIS is proud of its alumni—once you are a Dolphin, you are always a Dolphin.


Alumni Spotlight

XIS Alumni Laura Lin

Laura Lin '12

Dates attended XIS:  1997 - 2012

Universities:  Cornell, Harvard

Career Path:  Dentistry, healthcare, public health and well-being, health disparities

Current Work:  A practicing dentist and pursuing a Master of Public Health at Harvard

Biggest XIS Influences:  Teachers and "learning to respect others regardless of how they may look, act or think differently from me."

Best XIS Memories: Reading Goosebumps in the library, playing the dog in the Peter Pan play, performing in the band, and traveling for volleyball tournaments

Alumni Spotlight

XIS Alumnus PhilippKnobloch

Philipp Knobloch '06

Dates attended XIS:  1998 - 2006

Post-Secondary Education:  Pilot school in New Zealand and Germany

Career Path:  Aviation, helicopter passenger transport, humanitarian aid/medevac, flight instruction

Current Work:  Owner, Head of Operations, and Crew Development of Peak Helicopter Service in Austria, Greece, and Germany

Biggest XIS Influences:  "XIS shaped my character to what it is today and opened the door to China and the world. If it were not for my time at XIS and my teachers and friends, I would not have achieved what I have."

Best XIS Memories: Teachers, friends, and the genuineness of the community

Alumni Spotlight

XIS Alumni Betty Lu

Betty Lu '13

Dates attended XIS:  2007 - 2013

University:  UC Berkeley

Career Path:  Product marketing and supply chain procurement in the tech industry

Current Work:  Worldwide supply chain/procurement analyst for Dell Computers

Biggest XIS Influence:  Making some of my closest lifelong friends

Best XIS Memories:  ACAMIS tournaments

Alumni Spotlight

Mike Gwo '05

Dates attended XIS:  2001 - 2005

University:  Australian National University

Career Path:  Manufacturing - product design, automation process development, company management

Current Work:  Research and development manager for Thermaster Electronic (Xiamen) Ltd. 

Biggest XIS Influences:  "Learning had been exhausting, and I lacked motivation until I attended XIS. School life in XIS was well-rounded and not excessively intense. It provided me the pace that I needed for choosing my path."

Best XIS Memories:  ACAMIS tournaments, playing in the rock band

Alumni Spotlight

XIS Alumni Jessica Zhou

Jessica Zhou '13

Dates attended XIS:  2001 - 2013

University:  UCLA

Career Path:  Advertising and digital marketing in the entertainment industry, advertising sales

Current Work:  Advertising sales account manager for Reddit

Biggest XIS Influence:  Making lifelong friends from all over the world

Best XIS Memories:  ACAMIS tournaments

Alumni Spotlight

XIS Alumni Catherine Chen 2

Catherine Chen '17

Dates attended XIS:  2009 - 2017

University:  University of Melbourne

Career Path:  Biomedicine, majoring in infection and immunity

Current Work:  Honors degree in biomedicine at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, studying SARS-CoV-2 patient samples

Biggest XIS Influences:  Teachers and friends, "XIS has given me the best lifelong connections I have made."

Best XIS Memories:  Diversity of activities we could do throughout each day, how the programs brought the student cohorts together, and the House Program--go Red House!