The Arts

Performing and visual arts are a strong focus throughout the curriculum while playing an important role in providing a holistic and inclusive education. Students have many opportunities throughout their time at XIS to develop their passion and appreciation for performing and visual arts. Students explore a wide range of topics that aim to develop their curiosity and creativity. Ensuring a lifelong passion for the arts is an essential aim for the XIS Visual Arts and Music program. The key to this aim is teaching fundamental skills, keeping lessons engaging, and building upon students’ prior knowledge. 

Students explore a wide range of topics that aim to develop their curiosity and creativity.

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XIS All School Musical Production
XIS Holiday Music Concert
XIS High School Musician
XIS Musical Production
XIS Elementary Art Class

Features of the Arts Programs

  • Pre-K to G5 students have weekly music classes. 
  • Grade 4 and 5 students are automatically enrolled in the Music Performance Program. This program allows students to learn one of the following instruments: alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, violin, cello or voice.
  • Grade 6 to 8 students follow the MYP curriculum for music and visual arts.
  • Grade 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to specialize in either Visual Arts or Music.
  • As part of their Diploma, Grade 11 to 12 students may choose either Visual Arts or Music as one of their Group 6 subjects.

Each year students from Grade 6 – 12 have the opportunity to attend the annual ACAMIS Cultural Convention and audition for the International School Choral Music Festival, both regional international school events. Students also have the opportunity to perform in our annual music and community events throughout the school year.

Additionally, elementary and secondary students may take part in the schoolwide musical and drama production, a main event in the school year. Visual Art students have the opportunity throughout the year to display their work. IB Diploma visual arts students are expected, as part of their culminating assessment, to create a body of work that is exhibited at the end of the school year.