Early Years

Welcome to Xiamen International School (XIS), where every child is cherished. The Early Years is the formal beginning of an exciting educational journey for our students and parents. Our students are the primary focus of our welcoming, professional, and family-oriented school environment. We highly encourage parent involvement and hope to see you engaging in the education process as we work together as a team to meet the needs of every student. We place high value on the school and home partnership that is essential for success in our educational journey. XIS strives and ensures that every child’s potential is supported and guided towards successful holistic growth in a warm and safe environment.

In the Early Years, we take students who are naturally curious and channel that curiosity into discovery and growth–socially and educationally–through play, social interaction, working, and learning together as a community and individuals. This growth is overseen by a highly trained educational staff that not only has the educational well-being of all children in mind, but also their social emotional wellbeing. When you set foot on campus, the nurturing of every child by our caring faculty will be evident.

Please spend some time browsing through our website to learn more about the educational benefits of receiving a world class International Baccalaureate (IB) education at XIS.

Inna Klein

XIS Elementary Principal

XIS Elementary Principal Inna Klein

“Our students are the primary focus of our welcoming, professional, and family-oriented school environment.”

  -Inna Klein, XIS Elementary Principal

XIS Early Years Students Reading in the Classroom
XIS Early Years Students in Facepaint
XIS Early Years Students Playing on the Playground

The XIS early Years Program emphasizes the importance of relationships, environment, and play.

XIS PYP Coordinator

“Teachers at XIS work together in collaborative teams to create a broad and balanced programme of inquiry for our Early Years students.”

-Mary Collins, PYP Coordinator

Early Years Program Overview

The Early Years program at XIS caters to 4 and 5-year-olds (Pre-Kindergarten) and 5 and 6-year-olds (Kindergarten). The program emphasizes the importance of relationships, environment and play and is specially designed to support the needs of very young children within our well-equipped and inspiring outside and indoor environments.

Why does XIS promote play-based learning in the Early Years? Research shows that when we let children play in learning:

  • Children’s creativity will flourish.
  • Children’s cognitive function will strengthen.
  • Their social skills will develop.
  • They will learn how to manage big feelings – theirs and others.

The XIS Early Years curriculum is framed by the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program (PYP). All students learn English, Mandarin, Social Studies, Mathematics, Arts, Science, and Personal, Social and Physical Education  where Approaches to Learning (Communication, Thinking, Social, Self-Management and Research Skills) support purposeful inquiry and lifelong learning. Students explore six transdisciplinary themes (‘Who we are’, ‘Where we are in place and time’, ‘How we express ourselves, ‘How the world works’, ‘How we organize ourselves’ and ‘Sharing the planet’) to become critical and creative thinkers.

Learn more about the Primary Years Programme.