Language Programs


Language at XIS and is an essential means of communicating, learning, and thinking critically at all grade levels. As an international school with students from across the world, XIS recognizes the cultural value of language learning and its promotion of multicultural understanding.




English is the language of instruction at XIS, and we provide English as an Additional Language support to students in grades 1 to 9.

XIS Korean Language Learning

Multilingualism, encouraged and supported through multilingual learning environments at XIS, affirms student identity and agency.

Early Years

Pre-K students are introduced to Mandarin and have 40 minutes a week of instruction. Kindergarten students attend four forty-minute Mandarin classes a week.

Language A Stream

The Language A Mandarin stream is for students who are proficient, native-like communicators in Mandarin. Students are placed in an a class according to ability, goals, and motivation where reading and writing are emphasized. Students in the Advanced Mandarin Language A stream are poised to take IB Mandarin Language and Literature A and earn a bilingual IB Diploma upon graduation from XIS.

Language B Stream

The Language B Mandarin stream is for students with little or no experience with Mandarin. Beginning in elementary school, students take the Mandarin Foundations class and have four, forty-five minute class sessions a week. Depending on on progress and the number of years a student learns Mandarin, those in the Language B stream will either take Language B Mandarin or Mandarin Ab Initio in grades 11 and 12.


Students, beginning in Pre-K, take Mandarin and learn about Chinese culture. There are multiple paths for students to learn Mandarin depending on their background and experience with the language.

XIS Students Learning Mandarin
XIS Korean Class


XIS offers mother-tongue language development in Korean. Beginning in grade 6, students have the option to take Korean Language and Literature (Language A).

Upon graduation from XIS, students may achieve a bilingual IB diploma in Korean and English.

Other School Supported Language Programs

XIS offers self-taught, school supported mother-tongue language instruction in Arabic, Finnish, and Dutch in grades 11 and 12. Spanish Ab Initio is offered through Pamoja online–also school supported in grades 11 and 12.

XIS High School Self-Taught Languages