Student Support

XIS believes every student is to be valued, is to feel a part of the XIS community, is empowered to learn, and has the tools needed to be successful.

To uphold this belief, a robust support system works in tandem at XIS that includes counseling, college guidance, English as an Additional Language (EAL), reading support in the elementary school, and an advisory program in the middle and high schools.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Philosophy of Language Learning

At XIS, as an IB school, we support language development with consideration for the language profiles of students. Our students have a diversity of language backgrounds, abilities, and needs, and we 

XIS Elementary Learning Support

recognize multilingualism as a fact, a right and a resource for learning. Multilingualism, encouraged and supported through multilingual learning environments, affirms student identity and student agency.


Placement of students in the EAL programs at XIS are dependent on assessment of students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills prior to enrollment to ensure students have the minimum English skills to be successful in a given grade level.

English as an Additional Language – Elementary School

In order to appropriately support students whose home language is not English, to scaffold their learning appropriately and to meet the diversity of student language needs, each grade from grades 1-5 has a dedicated EAL teacher. Each EAL teacher works as a collaborative member of the grade level teaching team.

Our EAL teachers come to us with a solid understanding of language learning and teaching strategies. They collaborate with homeroom and specialist teachers to implement differentiated instruction that enhances the language acquisition of English Language Learners.

English as an Additional Language – Secondary School

In grades 6-9, students’ English language acquisition is supported through a dedicated course designed to help identified English language learners develop the knowledge and multi-literacy skills to improve their ability to communicate appropriately, accurately and effectively in a range of social, cultural and academic contexts. This course is divided into language phases and objectives that represent essential processes of language and learning and are organized into four criteria: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Reading Support Program

 XIS implements an Intervention Programme to support elementary school students who have been identified as needing additional support in reading.

The Reading Support Teacher works collaboratively with homeroom and EAL teachers to ensure coordination of services when providing academic support and continually monitors and informs parents and teachers of students’ progress.

Small group support allows the Reading Support Teacher to differentiate instructions according to the needs of the child. She works with small groups of students from different grade levels up to four times a week.

A student can exit the program by showing adequate growth within the classroom and during reading support sessions. This adequate growth in the classroom may be shown through a variety of assessments.


Elementary School Counseling

XIS believes that the social and emotional growth of students is just as important as the academic growth. In order to support, guide, and enhance students’ social emotional skills, our counselor is dedicated to every grade level (Pre-K to grade 5) in the elementary school by providing education, identification, and intervention strategies for social emotional purposes to students, teachers, and families.

The elementary school counselor helps students achieve academic success, develop an understanding of career opportunities, and develop social/emotional skills in response to issues they face.

Elementary School Counselor

“XIS believes that the social and emotional growth of students is just as important as academic growth.”

-Terrey Hoosain, Elementary Counselor

XIS Secondary School Counselor

“The secondary counseling program addresses needs of students by helping them to acquire competencies in college and career planning and exploration, knowledge of self and others, and educational development.”

-Dr. ZeVida A. Holman, Secondary Counselor

Middle and High School Counseling

The XIS Secondary School counseling program is designed to address the needs of students in grades 6-12 by helping them acquire competencies in college and career planning and exploration, knowledge of self and others, and educational development through individual planning, advisory, individual counseling, and support services.

The counselor provides direct student support to match each student’s individual needs, including working with students individually, in small groups, and within the classrooms. The counselor also works extensively with students and parents in the college planning and research process.

Explore our college guidance program.

       Topics of Discussion


      • Academic concerns and requirements
      • Communication skills
      • Decision-making, goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving (conflict resolution)
      • Interpersonal relationships and social skills
      • Introduction to college and career awareness, exploration, and planning
      • Motivation to achieve
      • Organization, study, and test-taking skills
      • Peer and friend relationships and effective social skills
      • Responsible behavior
      • Safety issues
      • Self-understanding, empowerment, and resiliency
      • Transitioning to middle school
      • Coping strategies and stress management
      • Testing (PSAT and SAT)